Employment Application

We can always use good volunteers.  If you have some time available and an interest in firefighting or emergency medical services, please contact us.  Volunteers may be woken up in the middle of the night or interrupted during a family dinner, but knowing that you may save a life or a home is a feeling you can’t get from a good nights sleep!


As a volunteer responder, you will be trained as a Medical First Responder and Basic Firefighting Skills.  Additional training that will become available to you as a volunteer after completing these required trainings, which include:

  • Firefighter 1 and 2: prepare you for state certification exams as a Firefighter.
  • EMT-B: prepare you for state certification exams as an Emergency Medical Technician -Basic
  • Other classes as they are available.

We have two standard monthly trainings:

  • The first Thursday of the month is medical training where we go over scenarios, practical skills rehearsals, complexities, and responsibilities of pre-hospital emergency medical services.  These are our most frequent call types.
  • The third Thursday is fire training.  Here we will go over equipment operation, search and rescue strategies, fire suppression tactics, and mutual aid training with our neighboring departments.

Other trainings may be scheduled as needed or arranged with our mutual aid departments.



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