Morrisville Fire Protection District was formed during the April 2015 election, and since 2016 has been fully funded by property taxes.  Dues are no longer required and all property owners within the district are covered through these taxes!

Morrisville Fire Protection District is an all volunteer fire department serving Morrisville, Brighton, Bolivar, Pleasant Hope, and Wishart areas.  We have 3 stations in our 89 square mile primary response area.

The Board of Directors are elected by the citizens, then appoint the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer of the board.  The board also appoints the Chief, Assistant Chief, Training Officer, and Safety Officer.  The President is responsible for the administration of the overall operation of the organization.  The Chief, who is responsible to the board, is to oversee the fire fighting activities of the department and its firefighters.

The current Board members are:
Debi Bayer
Rick Davis
Ron Edwards, President
Josh Hook
Paul McKnight

The current appointed Officers are:
Ken Witt, Chief
Nathaniel McKnight, Assistant Chief
Jeff Witt, Captain/Training Officer
Russell Oliver, Captain

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